Watch: Cher Performs ‘Woman’s World’ On The Voice

Watch: Cher Performs ‘Woman’s World’ On The Voice

Cher’s been running a full-on media campaign this year and, to be honest, we can’t get enough.

She’s got a new album coming out this fall; she’s performing at NYC's Dance on the Pier during Pride, and has a Lifetime movie coming out next month. Oh, yeah and also she has more street cred than all of you. Deal with it. 

She’s awesome and, like a fine wine (or George Clooney), gets better with age. Last night, the diva supreme performed “Woman’s World,” the first single off her up coming album and it was, most divinely, a Cher quality spectacle.

The judges were wowed—Adam Levine (whose chest normally getes our full attention) seemed to be really into it. Or maybe they just couldn't stop looking at those turkey feathers on her head. Prepare yourself for an extravaganza and then check out the video below:

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