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Prancing Elites: You Win the Internet Today


Rihanna are you listening? You NEED Alabama’s all-male cheerleading squad!

These fellas are not fooling around. The Facebook page of the Prancing Elites is short on detail, but emphasizes a commitment "day in and day out... long late night practices and even early morning practices..." What games are you cheering on? And in Mobile, Ala.?


Well congratulations, Prancing Elites. You win the Internet today.

Choreography starts with sitting, then there's some popping, thrusting, plenty of vogueing, and ample time for solo maneuvers incorporating all of the above--and all to the beat of a marching band.

But the costumes beat all: orange booty shorts and crop tops, peekaboo unitards, shirts and ties over some "Single Ladies" leotards. As commands, get into it.

Here they are at "AL Basketball Game 2013."

Here they are dancing to "Scream" by Usher "at the BoomBox Classic (JSU vs SU) Sept 22, 2012"

And here they are at "AL Senior Bowl 2013 jan. 26, 2013"

Shaquille O'Neal tweeted "THESE DUDES B JAMMIN."

Here's their YouTube page. Rhianna, you need to hire them NOW.

And now, just because it got us in a mood, the best cheerleader movie opening sequence to date:

30 Years of Out100Out / Advocate Magazine - Jonathan Groff and Wayne Brady

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