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5 Bret Easton Ellis Cocktail Party Quotes


The author's Twitter feed has been a lightning rod of contention and controversy, and now he responds to his critics at GLAAD (and beyond)

Out published a long essay by author Bret Easton Ellis in which, as Gawker articulated, he "Rages Against Magical Gay Elves and the PC Police." We know that people don't like to read thousands of words and appreciate having it digested for them, so here are five quotes that you may want to use when you're at your next cocktail party so it sounds like you know what all those pissed of guys are kvetching about.

  1. "Jason Collins is the future. But the subsequent fawning over Collins simply stating he was gay still seemed to me, as another gay man, like a new kind of victimization."
  2. "The Gay Man as Magical Elf has been such a tricky part of gay self-patronization in the media that you would by now expectthe chill members of the LGBT community to respond with cool indifference. "
  3. "Gay activists dive-bombing other gays who express an opinion that doesn't lean toward their agenda means that within the gay world we are living in a very simplistic place."
  4. "That a gay man can't make a joke equating AIDS with Grindr (something my boyfriend and I had used a number of times) without getting punished and being called "self-loathing" is indicative of the new gay fascism."
  5. "We are not all well-adjusted Good Gays."

Read the entire essay, "In the Reign of the Gay Magical Elves," here.

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