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Boy George Shocks With Slim Pic


'I love that the size of my ass is trending worldwide!' writes the pop singer

Singer Boy George has taken to his Twitter to. On Sunday, he tweeted out a photo of himself with the line "Rock n roll Sunday!!" But the 51-year-old shocked us with his new look, having just recently photographed him for the Out100. At the time he told us:

"If you go back to the beginning, part of my whole plan was to create this universal family of disenfranchised people. It wasn't just about sexuality, it was about anyone who felt odd...Anyone can dress like a freak -- it's easy. It's what you think that really sets you apart from other people. There are a lot of people dressed up at the moment who have nothing to say."

The Culture Club singer credits his drastic new look to a weight-loss program called Freer Nutrition, which he called his "secret," and he's been documenting his new healthy lifestyle, including his fondness for exercise and a recent healthy breakfast:

For example, on February 8 he tweeted: "Mmm, porridge with cherries & a dash of cinnamon! Cook the cherries with the porridge! Bloody gorgeous!"

He seems quite pleased with himself at the moment--and the attention his weight loss has created online.

Just look at this recent cheeky tweet: "I love that the size of my ass is trending worldwide!"


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