Kobe Bryant Reads Fans for Wielding 'Gay' As An Insult

Kobe Bryant Reads Fans for Wielding 'Gay' As An Insult

Kobe Bryant is playing for our team!

Well, he's playing defense at least. The Lakers shooting guard, who was fined $100,000 last year for using a gay slur, recently took to Twitter to tell off two fans who were dropping "you're gay" insults like it was no big deal. Check it:

Bryant, whose tweet has been retweeted over 4,000 as of this post, was apparently responding to an exchange between Twittiots @PacSmoove and @pookeo9. Since the incident, both users have deleted their accounts and have begun tweeting from different accounts. But honestly? These bros were hot messes way before Bryant called them out, writing eloquent sh*t like:


Also, @pookeo9 has been complaining nonstop since Sunday that journalists have been stalking him and copying his tweets to the web. (Whoops.) But really, dude, just protect your Tweets and we'll back off, K? In any case, Bryant's slightly-misspelled tweet was a step in the right direction for the basketball star, considering he courted controversy just two years ago for calling a referee a "f*cking faggot." Good for you, KB. Good for you.

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