Zombie Nicholas Hoult Tops Weekend Box Office

Zombie Nicholas Hoult Tops Weekend Box Office

Nicholas Hoult has been a teen hearthrob, in the UK's Skins, and Colin Firth's love interest (and Tom Ford's muse) in A Single Man. But being a lovelorn teenage zombie seemed like a bit of a stretch.

Then Lionsgate's Warm Bodies, that zombie movie starring Hoult that cost about $30 million to make, turned out to be No. 1 at the boxoffice this past weekend, with in an estimated $20 million in ticket sales.

But maybe we shouldn't have been so surprised. Bruce LaBruce already went there with his Otto, or Up With Dead People, which didn't just have a cute zombie fall in love with another boy, it also had zombie porn (and raunchy sex). Now we see what can happen when Hollywood tones down the super gross-out zombie sex moments and just goes for romantic girlie stuff.
So maybe people will start believing in Hoult's summer blockbuster potential? That's right: Next up for Hoult is Bryan Singer's big, splashy Jack the Giant Killer. We're sure to prefer his warm body to this sweet zombie flick. Watch the trailer blow:

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