Michael Musto: 'Jodie Should Have Said, Yep, I'm Gay 20 Years Ago'

Michael Musto: 'Jodie Should Have Said, Yep, I'm Gay 20 Years Ago'

The reactions are still coming in regarding the speech Jodie Foster made last night at the Golden Globes.

As you may recall, Out published a cover story in May 2007 by Michael Musto that featured models holding masks of Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster in front of their faces with the headline: "The Glass Closet: Why the Stars Won't Come Out and Play." Then, five years after that original piece, he wrote a followup, "The Glass Closet, Revisited," in which he stated in May 2012: 

"But did I mention that Jodie and Anderson are still glassy? Seven months after the piece, Jodie did thank “my beautiful Cydney” at an event, but she didn’t elaborate and went right back into the glass closet (sans Cydney). And while Anderson is rumored to be coming out every few months, he never does, staying ambiguous as the ladies continue to fantasize about him, while the gays convince themselves he is out. With a syndicated day-time show on his plate, it seems like he -- and the boyfriend -- will stay casually off-the-record for some time."

Of course, since that story, Cooper did come out (in a letter he allowed Andrew Sullivan to publish on his blog platform on The Daily Beast), by clearly stating, "The fact is, I'm gay." and then Foster, usually eloquent, gave her unusual fumbling message on Sunday night at the Globes.

As Musto told us today, in response to Foster's speech last night:

"I thought it was a convoluted coming out speech framed as a NOT-coming-out speech, and it would have been more effective if she'd just said, "Yep, I'm gay," 20 years ago. As for her not being Honey Boo Bo, I don't think Sir Ian McKellen, Ellen DeGeneres, and tons more gay icons are reality show freaks just because they saw fit to be honest about their sexuality."

Do you think that Foster is being disrespectful to her fellow out actors? Let us know.

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