Glee's Men of McKinley Calendar

Glee's Men of McKinley Calendar

Introducing Mr. December, or otherwise known as the lovable Blaine Anderson from Glee. Ryan Murphy tweeted photos this past week of the "coming soon" Men of McKinley calendar, which came as a nice surprise for the holidays with Darren Criss' as a topless Santa with a nice long candy cane—let me just go get the mistletoe. Prior to Darren's pic, Ryan shared one of newcomer Ryder Lynn (played by 20-year-old Blake Jenner who won the second season of The Glee Project) as Mr. July as a saucy Uncle Sam, sans beard and a more toned. Speaking of Sam, I wonder which month Chord Overstreet will represent and what he'll wear—his character has been a stripper and shown the most skin out of the men on the show, remember the Rocky Horror episode?


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