WATCH: The Return of 'Girls'

WATCH: The Return of 'Girls'

Hookups, murder, and guest stars (hello Wilsons, Patrick and Rita!) are in store when season two of Girls returns. Lena Dunham's Hannah is struggling with but gamely carrying on after her breakup with hot sociopath Adam (Adam Driver), who in a video sings, "You destroyed my heart!" Andrew Rannells, star of The New Normal and current Out cover subject, also returns as Elijah, Hannah's gay ex-boyfriend-turned new roommate. “It is a little Odd Couple,” Rannells told Vulture in July. “Elijah cutes [the place] up ... Unfortunately, this does not translate to her wardrobe.” Last March Out asked Dunham about her personal experience with gay exes. “It’s something I’m actually proud of,” she says, readying her diss. “The best option is that people who are confused about their sexuality feel really comfortable with me. The worst option is that I turn them.”

Season two of the HBO hit will premiere January 13. Watch the trailer below.

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