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Were Lestat and Louis Same-Sex Parents?

Were Lestat and Louis Same-Sex Parents?

Claudia has two daddies—and both are blood suckers. Lestat and Louis, the fanged homoerotic duo from Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire, can be credited/blamed as progenitors of Twilight's Cullen clan, but the two will also go down as literature's first same-sex vampire fathers. 

Rice was interviewed by website I09 to discuss Interview With The Vampire: Claudia's Tale, a new graphic adaptation of her modern classic horror fantasy, and was asked if the concept of a modern family should be applied to her two most famous characters, who struggle to care for their "daughter," newbie vampire Claudia.

"They were the first vampire same-sex parents," the novelist says with a laugh, after revealing she hadn't considered the idea before. "Absolutely! Claudia! She's their daughter."

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