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Lady Gaga Slammed by South African Rap Duo in New Music Video


Mother Monster gets mauled in Die Antwoord's controversial video for 'Fatty Fatty Boom Boom'.

Die Antwoord released its latest music video yesterday, and "Fatty Fatty Boom Boom" features a Gaga look-alike being shot at, giving birth to a locust and, finally, gruesomely eaten alive by a lion. Mother Monster is not pleased, tweeting yesterday " don't have a hit." In response, they tweeted "lady... even tho u r 'larger' than us... we still cooler than u... plus we don't have prawns in our private..."

The Huffington Post is reporting that Gaga invited them to open for her in March of last year. Not impressed with her "weak, superficial shit", they declined. This is referenced in the video when the Gaga-lookalike sees them and says "I should get them to open for me."

As far as if this video is a statement about mainstream music or just a cheap ploy to get some media coverage, die antwoord (Afrikaans for "the answer") is clear. Incorporating Gaga into a song called "Fatty Fatty Boom Boom" when she has been under fire for weight-gain, calling her "larger than us" on twitter is all just plain bullying. The duo is obviously just sore at having been invited to open for a "bigger" star. Like a pair of Chihuahuas threatened by a bigger dog, the band is making a lot of noise because they feel threatened.

Sadly, Die Antwoord's ego-stroking video comes off as threatening to the gay community, a controversy not new to the duo. Watching Gaga being mauled in her meat-dress, her message of gay-rights and equality, a symbol she called "the prime rib of America," is not the best message to put out their. Neither is their 2011 song titled "Fok Julle Naiiers." Lyrics like "you can't touch me, faggot. Uh, I'll fuck u in da ass, Dj hi-tek will eat your asshole alive u bitch" caused the group's split with Interscope Records last year. The 2010 song "Evil Boy" drips with a similar, sexualized homophobia, with lyrics like "don't touch my penis, I'm not gay, this penis is for the girls, my penis is clean."

Despite this, they have gone on record saying "Just to be fucken' clear - Die Antwood are not homophobic. Some of my tightest homies are gay, like for instance DJ Hi-Tek (a constant collaborator), who happens to be one of my best friends in the entire universe."

Taking a shot at Lady Gaga (an outspoken supporter of gay rights) to get famous is just cheap, continuously dogging homosexuals while claiming support, is worse.

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