RIP: A Visual Look Back at Glee's Klaine & Brittana

RIP: A Visual Look Back at Glee's Klaine & Brittana

Last' night's episode of Glee was quite the tearjerker for Gleeks everywhere since it featured the demise of the relationships of Klaine (Kurt and Blaine) and Brittana (Brittany and Santana). The plot's revealing episode title, "The Break-Up," worried fans everywhere: Which and how many of the various Glee couples would be breaking up, as Ryan Murphy had earlier hinted.

What many thought would just be one couple causality turned out to be almost all of the core relationships ending, including Finchel (Finn and Rachel). The only relationship to survive was that of Wemma (Will and Emma), made clear by the trailer for the next episode.

Despite why the couples severed ties (Klaine because of Blaine's cheating and lack of attention from a now NYC-living and intern lifestyled Kurt; Brittana due to Santana away at college and her mature realization that long distance relationships almost never make it), we mourn the loss of these two same-sex relationships, as they have not only been entertaining, but have been important and essential for LGBT media and youth all throughout the world.

Even as adults, the love and great joy these two couples shared so openly brought us many smiles and awes. Though they just broke up last night, it is never too early to reminisce on the greatest moments that these two couples brought us. From Blaine's first cover of "Teenage Dream" to first kisses and duets to Santana's "Landslide," take a moment and enjoy the magical moments of Klaine and Brittana. Here's hoping the couples work it out and get back together—and create more meaningful moments like these.

"Teenage Dream"

"Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Klaine's First Kiss

"Somewhere Only We Know"



"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"

"Dance With Somebody"

The Haunting End: "The Scientist"

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