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Stephen Ira Speaks Out

Stephen Ira Speaks Out

Stephen Ira Beatty, the outspoken transgender son of Hollywood icons Annette Benning and Warren Beatty, has released a video through YouTube channel WeHappyTrans, describing his transition from female to male and what the journey has been like for him socially and physically.

Transitioning at age 14, Beatty, who is now 20, describes himself by saying, “I identify as a trans man, a faggy queen, a homosexual, a queer, a nerd fighter a writer, an artist, and a guy who needs a haircut.” In his video message, Beatty talks about his evolving viewpoints on various topics as well, saying, “It’s very important for me to be frank about my development and to be transparent about my changing ideas.”

This isn’t the first time that the young Beatty's opinions have landed him in the public eye; last year, he came out against Chaz Bono, another transgender individual from a famous family. In response to Bono’s discussion of his own transition from female to male, Beatty responded, “I don’t want any rich white trans guy…telling the media that testosterone made him a misogynist…he has some deep-seated misogyny to work through.” To hear about his transition, Check out the video below!

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