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Reality Nightmare: Dina Lohan Ready to Train Some New Lindsays?


'DramaMamas' will be ‘High School Musical’ meets ‘Smash,’ according to Lohan

It may seem like the distant past, but when it was first announced that always bordering on bankruptcy Donald Trump would vet hopeful entrepreneurs in a reality show, the world was shocked and horrified and thought it would never last. Now Trump has rehabilitated his image and somehow makes new lives for washed up celebrities who are all hungry to bow to his combover.

Now the news that Dina Lohan, mother to messed-up Lindsay, wants to hone the young talents of aspiring child talent in a reality show titled DramaMamas--which has yet to be picked up by a network--everyone will think the idea sounds crazy. We worry that it might just work. Which should be the scariest part.

The Long Island-based mother of four spoke to the Daily News recently and told them, "Considering what I've done for my children, no one knows better than me the drama behind the scenes of building a career. I've said before that if there is something I could have done differently, I wouldn't, because then I wouldn't have the knowledge I have today. I can bring that to other parents managing their children, I can navigate them through the ups and downs they might experience."

Oh lordy. Having recently watched the documentary The Hollywood Complex, about deluded parents willing to pervert their children's lives so they can make it in showbusiness (it's frightening, watch it), we worry this will just create an even larger group of star-crazed parents.

It also made us think of the amazing way Tracy Ullman portrayed Dina Lohan in several episodes of her wonderful State of the Union (now on Hulu), as a delusional stage mom who thinks she's actually caring for her daughter because, among other things, she carpools with other parents to take her daughter to rehab. Check out the clip here and keep it in mind as you get drawn in to the dark web of Dina's rationalizations.

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