WATCH: 'Magic Mike' Trailer, 'It's Raining Men'

WATCH: 'Magic Mike' Trailer, 'It's Raining Men'

The teasing has been going on for months, not minutes, but we finally get a little more of the Magic Mike mystique stripped away with the latest "It's Raining Men" trailer. Yes, it's 100 times gayer that they're doing their thong thing to that song. Yes, it's all ladies in the front row. But who cares! Now you know that Matthew McConnaughey has LINES! And Channing Tatum humps the floor! What with this movie coming out right after Rock of Ages (which is also a strange, sexy, campy film that surprisingly got made), this summer is shaping up to be much more than just the same-old blockbusters. It's gonna be naked! Will young boys be secretly swiping this poster from movie marquees? We hope so!



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