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Sharon Needles is Not a Racist (We Think)


The controversial drag queen revealed that she didn't author that 'racist' status update which appeared on her Facebook page.

Hey, remember how Sharon Needles is kind of a freak? Like, the kind of freak who drools blood on the runway? And says ridiculous stuff on pretty much every episode of Drag Race?

Well, you may have heard that she wrote some craycray stuff back in February--specifically, a "racist" Facebook status--which rubbed a HuffPo blogger the wrong way. Here's the status to jog your memory:

"i fu*ked a black last me a cheater, not a racists..i don't say n-word..i say nigger..thats the word..i'm not afraid of language..and i'm not afraid to say red lipstick is not your color..and i'm not afraid to say that i hate when people post pictures of them self eating..beans for that matter!! but the baby picture is super cute!!"

You also may have read the Queerty post about it, which says exactly what we were thinking: The status was basically just Sharon being a freak, as per usual. (Well, technically they said it was because Needles is a drag queen, and drag queens say controversial things by default. But whatevs. That's how we interpreted it.)

Anyway, it turns out that Needles didn't even write the post! (Apparently, someone hacked her account.) Of course, this also makes us wonder if that post on Alaska Thunderf*ck's website about Sharon wearing swastika T-shirts and upside-down crosses is also fake. Or maybe it really was Alaska (i.e. Sharon's boyfriend!) DRAMA!

Bottom line: We'll find out at XL tonight, where we'll get a chance to interview the Season 4 queens before the reunion special airs and the queens perform for us. We'll have a full post with pics and sound bites for you tomorrow. So sashay away--for today.

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