Lenny Kravitz: My 'Hunger Games' Character Inspired By Tom Ford

Lenny Kravitz: My 'Hunger Games' Character Inspired By Tom Ford

Lenny Kravitz is known for his eclectic sex appeal, music, and those years when you couldn't turn on VH1 without seeing him. these days, however, the still smoking hot Kravitz seems to be focusing more on his film career than music.

After taking a break from recording, Lenny landed a supporting role in the breakout film, Precious. Now, he's taking another stab at acting, with a role in The Hunger Games. Although he's always had some sexual ambiguity (possibly owning more leather pants than his fashionista daughter Zoe), this role has definite homosexual tendencies. In a recent interview with Vulture, Kravitz discussed sexuality and why he chose to play this character, Cinna, a stylist for Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Everdeen, from a different angle.

"The beauty is, it doesn’t even matter: Here we are in this Capitol, and everybody’s outrageous. I mean, who knows what everybody’s doing? Or they’re all doing everything. So that was the beauty of it, and the book doesn’t state what he is or what he’s doing."

Rather than going for gay, Lenny found inspiration from unlikely sources.

"Personally, I was inspired by, say, Tom Ford or Yves St. Laurent, two great designers who play it kind of in the middle, and they both dress kind of more classically than a John Galliano or somebody that has a more colorful personality. We thought that would be great for Cinna, and then just let him have his gold eyes. That’s his Capitol vibe, and his bit of glam, but otherwise he’s going to be a little more pulled together."


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