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Trailer Trash: Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom'


A look at the trailer for the hotly anticipated new Wes Anderson film

What can you say about a Wes Anderson trailer? Sure, it reminds us mostly of other Wes Anderson movies. Sure it's got all sorts of things (and actors) we expect. But does that make us want to see it any less? Find out for yourself below.

Justin Ocean: I'm a fan of a well-framed shot and the faded golden color palette, and now that I live in Brooklyn I should really be digging this--not to mention the cast is to die for--but something about it just falls flat. It feels so... 2004. I'll save my Anderson excitement for next year's The Master.

Jon Roth: I can't wait for this. All that Anderson whimsy is easier to swallow when the movie focuses on two kids, and I'll watch any movie set in the 1960s for the aesthetic alone. Other things to like: record players, knee socks, tree houses and Jason Swchartzman as a mustachioed Boy Scout priest. Almost makes me wish I went Scout camp. Almost.

Max Berlinger: I know that a lot of people find Anderson's aesthetic cliche or twee now, but I never fail to be swept up by his films, despite their flaws. I adored The Fantastic Mr. Fox, but am really excited to see him returning to live action. I also like that the main storyline appears to deal with the relationship of an adolescent, seeing as Anderson is fascinated with emotionally stunted adults most of the time, which can be funny or depressing (sometimes both!) depending on how you look at it. I mean, to me, he's been chasing the fame of The Royal Tenenbaums since its initial release, but I appreciate someone who stays true to his unique aesthetic. Also, Anderson is a masterful casting director and while he tends to stick to his favorites, I'm excited to see Frances McDormand, Bruce Willis, and Tilda Swinton (wearing false eyelashes no less!) in this mix for this one. I'll be all over this guy, needless to say.

Jerry Portwood: Dear Wes, I know your fans love your style. I love your style. But we already saw Rushmore. We already saw Royal Tennanbaums. And, as much fun as it is to see smart actors dressed in silly outfits (and Bill Murray's exposed belly), do we really need to make a Steve Zissou-Rushmore-Tennanbaum-Darjeeling mush? Dubiously yours.

Mike Berlin: Nostalgia for something you haven't experienced has never been so vividly rendered.

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