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Trailer Trash: Miley Cyrus in 'LOL'


Can you handle a grown-up Hannah Montana?

Today, the first trailer was released for LOL, the upcoming Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Douglas Booth vehicle that's slated to help the former Hannah Montana star transition from child-teen to adult-teen thanks to heavy petting, party throwing and light recreational drug use.

Sure, it's an Americanized remake of a French film and probably lacks a lot of the punch that truly bad teenagers have, especially in foreign films, but we're suckers for kids going against the grain. Check out the trailer, and our staff's reactions, below.

Jerry Portwood: Is it just me or do I feel like I'm getting a look at how Demi Moore really is as a mother. And that's freaky. This movie should have some sort of interactive feature: like we could, like, totally text and chat at the movie while it's going on and make it, like a Choose Your Own Adventure movie!

Max Berlinger: I've had a not-so-secret love of Miley since we all discovered she's a huge pothead.

Henry Watson: This is more of a WTF than a LOL.

Jon Roth: In the grand tradition of acronym sex comedies like NSA and FWB comes LOL, a movie about a teenager who kisses rockers and flies to Paris like it's NBD.

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