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Trailer Trash: The Dictator


Weighing in on Sacha Baron Cohen's new spoof

We laughed at Borat. We tolerated Bruno. But now that Sacha Baron Cohen, who was once upon a time a hip young comic, if you can believe it, is back once again with another over-the-line, if-you-don't-laugh-it's-because-you're-stuck-up movie, can we really bother to care? Check out The Dictator and our opinions, both below, and let us know what you think.

Jon Roth: Every time I laughed during this trailer, I immediately felt like an awful bigot. Except the Kardashian jab--that was guilt-free.

Jerry Portwood: While I've always enjoyed Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy and have even defended his films against critics, there's something about this one that just rubs me the wrong way. Is it too soon after the Arab Spring? Or is it too late? Are Gadaffi jokes really that funny anymore after he was torn apart by revolutionaries? Although I'm a bit surprised by my negative reaction, some part of me just doesn't think this works. And we should all just ignore him/it.

Mike Berlin: Hillary Clinton does not approve this message--and neither do I. This movie is going to be about as shocking as the Kardashian joke Sacha Baron Cohen felt the need to include.

Max Berlinger: I initially didn't want to like this seeing as it looks like the same tired trope that Sacha Baron Cohen has been peddling forever, but I smirked a few times during the trailer. I have a feeling the straight boys who live in my building will strong arm me into going to this. Also, I was just thinking about what the hell happened to Megan Fox yesterday. Good to know she's still peddling her Angelina 2.0 face somewhere.

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