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Obsessive Outing


Each week, Out's editors and writers offer a list of the events, activities, releases and personal obsessions that we are looking forward to this weekend and the coming week.

Max Berlinger

This weekend I'm definitely staying in and recovering from the Out100 festivities. But it's a good chance to catch up on some movies that I've been wanting to watch, especially the Vidal Sasoon documentary. I've also recently become obsessed with TED talks and have a few that I've been wanting to watch--a friend told me the Amy Tan one was great.

Mike Berlin

I'm going to the Russian bath house in Ditmas Park with a bunch of people for my friend's birthday. No, it's not a sex club. Yes, I am looking forward to getting beaten with birch branches.

Jerry Portwood

To prepare for my trip to India, I'm going to the Rubin Museum on Saturday to learn about gay life in Out in the Himalayas. Then I have a double-header of Private Lives and Godspell on Sunday.

Adam Rathe

Saturday will be awesome because of Rock Lottery, which is this brilliant concert that takes 25 local musicians, including members of Light Asylum and Ava Luna, and has them form new bands and write new songs (plus one cover) for a show that night. All the money goes to Free Arts NYC and it's a hell of a good time. Also, there is a fundraiser for QZAP, the Queer Zine Archive Project, at Stonewall Inn that is way more than worth the $5-10 cover. QZAP is probably the coolest website I've ever seen: it is an incredible treasure chest of zines that you can read, download and print and is like an amazing gay punk library. Then Sunday I am going to see Bruce LaBruce's LA Zombie at the Museum of Art and Design and that's not a fundraiser for anybody.

Matthew Rand

I have so many movies to catch up on, it's lightly obscene: the new Clooney/Payne vehicle, The Descendants, just came out; still haven't seen von Trier's Melancholia or Almodovar's The Skin I Live In... Oh, and being that I'm actually a 12-year-old girl, Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is a must.

Jon Roth

Since the F train is down and I'm stranded in Park Slope, I'm seeing Brooklyn Museum's HIDE/SEEK, which explores art with queer themes in 19th century. I'm really looking forward to Thomas Eakins' work--he's got a painting of a near-naked boxer AND a photograph of a very grizzled Walt Whitman. Plus, I'll have the chance to see David Wojnarowicz's "A Fire in My Belly"--the film the National Portrait Gallery pulled from their exhibit last year because a few ants on a crucifix offended conservative sensibilities (because conservatives really are the heroes of the art world.)

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