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Lance Bass Has a Boy Band... Again

Stash your makeup bags and flat-irons, there’s a new boy band in town, and they’re not afraid to be pretty. 


Meet Heart2Heart, a boy band throwback produced by N*Sync alum Lance Bass. Their names are Chad Future (with the two-tone electrocuted mane), Nico (who winks at the camera on every close-up), Pretty Boi Pete (the shirtless one), Brayden (whose AquaNet aresenal must rival Pauly D’s gel stash), and KX.

We’d call KX the baby of the group, but... they’re all pretty tweeny, right? 

So what does a group of teeny twinks (tweenks!) sing about these days? Social media, duh! “Facebook official,” has these “bois” webcamming their love song to three girls. But don’t you think they’d rather put “a heart on the page” of some hunky teen dude? Maybe someone who could show them that, when it comes to eyeliner, less is more?

Check out their video, and say, "Hi," to Lance at the 00:17 mark!




Tags: Popnography

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