Unreleased Winehouse Tracks On The Way?

Unreleased Winehouse Tracks On The Way?

She left us way before her time, but it looks like Amy Winehouse may have a few final gifts to bestow upon us. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Winehouse collaborator and songwriter Stefan Skarbek revealed that he possessed a small trove of tracks that he and the recently-deceased pop-star worked on.

"We had about 10 songs, five of them are sort of completed," Skarbek told Rolling Stone. He said the unreleased demos had a fun, care-free feel to them. All of the songs were recorded before Winehouse's multiple-Grammy winning Tour-De-Force, Back To Black

But when will we see these unreleased tracks, which could potentially reveal a whole new level of Winehouse's musical range? "I’m sure one of the Universal people will contact us, or my publisher will contact them and release the demos," Skarbek says. "Maybe some of the songs I've got will end up being released. Maybe not."

While "maybe" doesn't sound entirely promising, it's better than a flat-out "no", right?


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