Quickies: Wednesday, August 17 2011

Quickies: Wednesday, August 17 2011

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> In Life is imitating art news: Jodie Foster, who starred in the film Contact about the search for extraterrestrial life, is donating money to SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), to get the foundation restarted (it closed in April due to lack of funds).

> New details about George Michael's upcoming album have emerged. "For this album I'm going to be working with either gay or gay friendly artists, and it'll be a mixture of tracks sung by me and others by young gay artists – possibly unknown ones... I'll be 48 when the album comes out, but I have to say that gay men's relationship with dance music probably doesn’t end at the same time as straight people's does!"

> The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills' Taylor Armstrong's husband, Russell Armstrong, was found dead of an apparent suicide on Monday night.

> Remember when we said there was a rumor Sex and the City was returning to TV? Well, it's not happening, folks.


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