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Adam Levine Is Out's September Cover Boy

"When I inadvertently said something negative about Adam Lambert, everyone fucking lost their minds - and he doesn't even care. I didn't even say anything bad about the guy! And I'm thinking to myself, God, I almost wish I had. I mean he's a great dude and he's talented, but I because of all the flack I was getting, I almost wish I had said something that was worse."

"I have a lot to say about people needing to fucking relax about it. You're entitled to your opinion and if your opinion isn't popular with some people then fuck it. People just need to back off. It's so silly. I think that social media has sadly fueled people's hypersensitivity to every fucking issue under the sun. Everything from racism and sexism to like, spelling errors. It's like, back off. Give us a little break here. If everything that you did and said was under serious scrutiny, you'd have your troubles as well."

Stay tuned to for more hot content from the September 2011 issue of Out including our Fall Preview featuring the movies, music, television, and theater you need to have on your radar in the coming months.

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