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Anna Wintour Wants Us to Get Married!


Even though it may be a hot rainy mess in New York today, a little silvery ray of sunshine has somehow shown its gorgeous face in the form of Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour. The controversial, feared, respected and adored Wintour (wearing spring, summer 2011 Prada -- gagging!) is the latest to lend her face (sans her trademark sunglasses) and voice in support of allowing same-sex couples to marry in the state of New York. The video is classic Wintour -- shot in what we can only imagine is her stark white office at 4 Times Square (accented by some pink and green florals in the background) and featuring her perfectly coiffed signature bob. 

We appreciate every single person who has come out and publicly supported gay marriage in New York, but being total fashion junkies -- with a special obsessive spot in our hearts for Anna -- and knowing that Wintour is a busy gal and doesn't just champion any cause that's thrown her way, this endorsement is especially endearing and potent for us. I mean, who else other than straight women and gay men read Vogue? And with divas like André Leon Talley and Hamish Bowles on staff -- plus her ardent support of a slew of gay designers (Marc, Tom, Michael K, Lorenzo and Jack...that means you) -- you know she couldn't just sit around and not give her homos a shout out. Without us, her closet would be a lot emptier and her magazine's sales a lot lower. So if you have a loved one and are waiting for the New York government to finally OK you're right to marry, know in your heart that Anna approves...she'd just prefer you do it in an Thom Browne suit. 

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