Fashion Flashback: George Michael's 'Too Funky'


Yesterday we showed you the live footage from Lady Gaga's runway debut in the Mugler fashion show that took place in Paris. Creative director Nicola Formichetti broke free from the staid, static world of fashion zombies and put on a real show, with theatrics and drama at full tilt. Gaga, wearing some fierce footwear, anime pigtails and curls of smoke rising from her lit cigarette showed the fashion world that while she may be a singer and performer by trade, she can beat down any top model on the catwalk. 

Last night, after watching the video about 25 times, we got to thinking about how it reminded us of something, and we finally put our finger on it. The spectacle, romance and just plain fabulousness of Formichetti's throwback show reminded us of George Michael's obsession with the fashion world -- because as original as Gaga is, the intersection of fashion and music is no new thing. So we dug up the video to this musical gem just to remind ourselves of the campy brilliance that inspired the latest chapter in fashion's love affair with the world of music. 

Keep an eye out for the bosom-bearing opening moment, Thierry Mugler's infamous motorcycle corset, a young and slender Tyra Banks and George's favorite model Linda Evangelista modeling like her life depended on it. 

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