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Models We Love: RJ King

Out: How old are you?
R.J. King:18

Where are you from?
St. Louis, Mo

What were you doing before you started modeling?
Just living life as a college freshman.

How did you get started in the industry?
I was visiting a friend here in New York City back in October and she convinced me to go and see some agencies. I walked into Re:Quest and they liked me and made me feel so comfortable.

What was your first shoot? Were you nervous?
My first shoot was i-D Magazine. There were 4 other guys and the photographer was super chill so I didn't get nervous.

What do you like most about modeling?
Getting free sh*t!

What do you like least about modeling?
Having 10 castings all over the city in one day.

What was your favorite shoot to work on? Why is it your favorite?
I shot with David Roemer for Wonderland Magazine a couple weeks ago. He is such an amazing photographer and person to work with.

What is usually the reaction when you tell people that you're a model?

What's your fitness routine? How often do you work out? What do you do at the gym?
Ab and core workout, cardio and some light weights. Pretty typical. I try to do some kind of workout every other night.

What's your diet like? What are your favorite foods? Do you have to avoid any foods to maintain your body?
I usually eat whatever I am craving.

Who are some people you'd like to work with in the industry that you haven't yet?
My fellow St. Louis models. Karlie Kloss, Katie Fogarty and Ryan Mertz. I would also love to work with Steven Meisel.

What do you see yourself doing after this?
I'm taking a semester off of school right now, so I will definitely go back in the future. As for what my major will be, I have no idea. I'm only 18.

Do you have any other side projects that you're working on?
Not right now. I'm taking it pretty easy for the time being.

Are you particularly interested in fashion or is it just a job? Who's your favorite designer?
For now it's just a job. Who knows what it could possibly translate to in the future. Favorite designer is Karl Lagerfeld.

For more pictures of RJ, click here.

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