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Kenneth Cole and the Twitter Scandal

So, yesterday @KennethCole learned quite quickly the power of the internet. Facebook, Twitter and blogs all started rebelling against the clothing designer after his Twitter account sent out this tweet:

Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online at

Surely that was the perfect mix of bad timing and unintentional flippancy that can create an internet maelstrom faster than you can say "insensitivity," but Kenneth has already said he's sorry, so everything is back to normal. Or so it would seem. Now, a new Twitter account has popped up, @KennethColePR a (what we assume is) fake account that is trying to market off of KC's faux pas and is sending out wildly inappropriate messages that would be considered a PR nightmare. It's as if Courtney Love and Fox New's love-child took the reigns. While at times it's kind of amusing, it strikes us as someone hitching their wagon to another's mistake. Not classy.

We're sure that you can't just go traipsing around the internet impersonating other people, and especially not whole corporations, so we wonder how long until @KennethColePR has until a cease and desist lands in their mailbox.

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