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The Gays Are Looking For Love On OkCupid

Wouldn't love be easier if a blond, barely-clad hunk came along and shot you with a heart-tipped arrow? At least, that's the mythology behind, a dating website that uses mathematical analysis to make matches -- a method that's quickly gaining popularity with the LGBT community. The site boasts 3.2 million users, so you do the math on how many of those are gay.

At least one Out staffer is among those looking for cupid's help, because he couldn't help but share with our office this, err, unusual message he received today:

"i pick my toenails and have literally since i can remember. sometimes people will see my feet bare or in sandals and be like ...

what?? and i'm just like, oh, yeah, those are my feet. the skin on my big toes, and i think all my toes, like surrounds and embeds the nail, cuz the nail is just not going anywhere.

hey, did i tell you i think you're hot? haha. peace."

FYI, leading with the fact that you've got nasty ingrown toenails is not a successful dating technique. And here in lies the beauty of online dating: unlike making an awkward in-person escape, our Out staffer can simply not reply to this message. Which, obviously, we've advised him to do.

In next month's Out 100 issue, on newsstands in mid-November, we're reporting on OkCupid's most-repeated words in its gay and straight users' profiles. Teaser: Gay men and women are both big fans of Tori Amos and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Strangely, toenails did not make the list.


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