The Boys of True Blood: Tommy Mickens

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Name: Tommy Mickens

And he is …? Sam’s shapeshifting brother, and maybe the only potentially good thing to come from his newly found family. Tommy’s young, mean, and vulnerable, plus a whole load of trouble.

Hotness: He’s a moody young man with lots of scars and a troubled past. And probably a troubled future. So yes, fairly hot, in that whole “and we just stopped at this out-of-the-place for gas and this young guy came out to pump …WELL, let me tell you…” way.

Gayness: Not so much, except in that feral might-be-up-for-anything way we like to imagine exists. Also, his animal alias of choice is a burly pit bull, which is a wee bit gay.

Keep him around-ness: Not bothered either way, though he does tug at the heart-strings, and takes his top off often enough to be easy on the eye. Ok, let him live for now.



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