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With the new season of Glee still several months away, the hit show has been building up anticipation with a steady stream of exciting announcements. We’ve been trying to keep track of all the latest developments, listed here:


-Javier Bardem will make a guest appearance. Bardem, who stars in Ryan Murphy’s upcoming film Eat, Pray, Love, pitched the idea that he should be a rock star singing “Spanish heavy metal – which is the worst.”

-One episode will be completely devoted to music from the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. We vote Puck as Frankenfurter

-Kristen Chenoweth will be back. 

-Similar to the Madonna and Gaga episodes, one show will feature the music of Britney Spears ("One, two, three"?).

-Kurt is getting a boyfriend, and Murphy would like to write an episode in which they get crowned Prom King and King. 

-Said boyfriend will likely be played by hottie Chord Overstreet (photo), who was cast as a football protégé.

-Carol Burnett will guest star as Sue Sylvester's mother. Can she pull a Betty White

We probably missed a lot, so let us know what else you’ve heard about Season 2!

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