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I Light Up My Life – The Mark Sam Celebrity Biography

Do you have the foresight to know how the celebrity will come to you?
Unfortunately, that is in the hands of God, although I think we've already tried the porn route. That's not going to be it.

Since you accidentally brought up your porn story, is it true you were an X-rated performer under the name Josh Gold?
Everything in the show is true. Yes, that happened, but not by accident. The way you said it made it sound like, "Oh, I just found myself naked on the set one day."

Do you ever have people say, "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on?"
[Laughs] I haven't heard that one. I've only had a couple people call me out on the adult film. It takes a special sort to actually say, "Hey, I think that was you I saw in the porn I was masturbating to the other night." Only the bravest have actually gone there.

In the show you list some qualifications for being a celebrity. Can you explain?
You have to know famous people; you can't just be out there on your own. [Grins]

Which ones do you know?
I know Seth Meyers. We are friends, and he's a megastar. I also mention my cousin Kix Brooks [of Brooks & Dunn] in the show. He's another megastar -- of the country music world -- but one nonetheless. And people think they should recognize me when they see me.

Because of your Travelocity commercial [Mark is the guy in the green vest]?
No, you know how you meet famous people. [Says with dramatic flair] You always know who they are.

During the show you say that you feel "left out of recent trends because...[you] were never molested. Life is full of near misses." What do you mean by "near misses?"
I speak in the show of this guy -- he must have been in his late 20s when he was our neighbor for a brief stint when I was ten or eleven. He was a single dude and so gorgeous. I remember he had been a wrestler. He taught my brother and me some wrestling moves. He was getting behind me, pulling my arm out from underneath me and flipping me on the bed. I was like, Really? You couldn't have gone a little bit further? I mean I wasn't a homely child. Maybe someday hypnosis therapy will reveal more. It would be nice to think I was touched.

For the attention?
Just to be able to say it. It's like a scorecard. I did the porn, the Off-Broadway show. I did the Value City commercial. You know, I could've been molested.

You had great success with Blanche Survives Katrina, playing in New York and P-town. What was it like for you when the University of the South [which owns the rights to Tennessee Williams's plays] demanded you cease and desist using the name Blanche DuBois?
It was pretty horrifying to be honest. My first response was terror and anger, because I had never dealt with any legal situation.

Are you allowed to perform your play any more?
Oh yes. They never brought a lawsuit. What they did was send a letter. Through friends of friends of friends I got pro bono lawyers. They're just wonderful, this huge international firm which sent a letter back. After the [New York] Times wrote about the whole cease-and-desist kerfuffle, we never heard from the University of the South again.

How would you describe the response to the world premiere of I Light Up My Life?
Kind of overwhelming. It was sold out and they were loud. Here's the thing -- up until Friday night, my director and I thought it was great and funny, but we hadn't showed it to anyone. And all of a sudden 130 people! I was so thrilled that there was so much laughter.

Any last thoughts for Out readers?
Just don't try to outshine me, but do follow me!

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