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Catching Up With Kristin Cavallari

I think it's interesting that when you came into The Hills, they heavily marketed your return and categorized you as the "bitch." The entire marketing campaign revolved around "The Bitch is Back."
It's terrible. It's sending out the wrong message. When I think of someone that's a "bitch," I think of someone that's malicious. I'm very honest, and I go after what I want. I speak my mind. If that's a bitch, well then fine. It's easy [for the sake of the show] to label someone a bitch. Me not having a great big personality would't make for great TV! Nobody wants to watch us all just get along. I knew what I was getting myself into.

Being part of a reality show can really blur the lines sometimes.
And to speak to that: any rumors that you may have heard about excessive partying are completely false! We now all know after watching the show where those rumors all came from. But no one has to express any concern over me in the least bit. It affected me on so many levels."

It must be uncomfortable when something is revealed on the show and you have to explain it to your family -- especially your mom whom you're very close to. I was thinking about her when that whole "partying too much" storyline began to unfurl.
[Heavy sigh] I was thinking of her, and my aunts, and my parents friends! Listen -- I'm always game for drama on the show, but when it affects my life, my personal life -- I felt like I couldn't even defend myself in that situation.

But it's that relentless attitude and ability to relate that has probably endeared you to your gay fans. You're the underdog! We can identify with the misunderstood persona, and we expect our divas to be able to hold their own. As one of the new up-and-coming gay icons we have very high expectations of you Kristin. Are you up to it?
[Laughing] I think so. I love that! I think I can handle it. I have a lot of gay friends in my life.

Is that why you decided to participate in Adam Bouska's NOH8 photo campaign protesting the passing of Proposition 8?
I just think that it's so crazy! I mean what is marriage? Who made up these rules? Everyone is an equal. If it's not affecting you, why would you be against same-sex marriage? To see how heartbroken people were when Prop 8 happened, and when people are so in just woke so many people up! It's so unfair.

I know everyone really appreciates the show of solidarity that is being demonstrated by every one who has participated in the NOH8 -- you and I included, but you also support another very ambitious cause.
I'm also involved with a charity called One Kid One World. I just went to El Salvador, and I'll also be going to Kenya soon, to help rebuild schools. We completely redo them, bring in text books and provide for the children's education. If these kids aren't attending school, they're just getting into a whole lot of trouble. You start with one kid at a time.

It's such a contrast from your life on The Hills.
[Laughing] The show doesn't capture every aspect of my life.

And with it ending soon, I'm wondering if you'll maybe jump ship and join the cast of The City?
No! [A very definite] No. As much as I love being in front of the camera, I'm anxious to start producing. I've learned a lot being back on The Hills about production and seeing the magic that goes on in front and behind the camera. That's what I want to do.

Sorry, it's my own wishful thinking -- I'd love to see you on The City so that you can kick Olivia's conceited ass!
[Laughing] I just saw a scene from an upcoming episode where Olivia gets bitched out -- it's so good!

Did you ever imagine that you'd be a part of this big pop culture phenomenon?
Lauren [Conrad], Steven [Colletti] and I got started on Laguna Beach, and I'm really proud that we've all gone on and proven we can be really successful when this reality show thing was just getting started. We're always going to have this.

The Hills airs Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV.


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