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Tik Tok It's 2010

3. I'm going to get off Twitter, and I think you should all follow my lead. I don't know when I'm going to get off Twitter, it may be December 31st, 2010, 11:59 PM but it will happen this year and it will happen forever. We need to back away from this website before it turns into SkyNet and enslaves us all. Though if Anderson Cooper ever gets a personal Twitter -- all bets are off.

4. Kyle and Fish had sex on One Life to Live!I'm not sure how this is a resolution but I think it has to do with pop-cultural honesty and actually watching the shows you say you do. I'm now a real person who really watches Mad Men so I think I should start watching the YouTube clips of OLTL as well. Won't I feel better now if I ever bump into Scott Evans?

5. I think we should all use the break from Glee not to lethargically play the soundtrack on repeat but to do something productive with our time until it's return in April: jog; write a screenplay; learn the fine art of pastry chef-ing; stop making up words. Wouldn't it be fun if when the show returned, dopey little Jonathan Groff in tow, we had transformed into summertime-in-the-winter butterflies, all svelte and tan? Wouldn't it be like that one excellent first day of 10th grade? You know, if you were popular. Let's reclaim a little rom-com pluck and through a 4 month montage, as if played by Amy Adams or Ilsa Fisher (who plays me in my head), let's do something every day to make us a little better until the show's return. Lea Michelle will have nothing on us. But Dianna Agron always will.


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