Two Early Christmas Gifts

If you're anything like us, you dread Christmas shopping almost as much as you dread running into your ex and his new boyfriend making out at a matinee showing of The Fantastic Mr. Fox (which, if you haven't seen, you need to see NOW). All that pressure to find not only a gift but the gift for someone you like/love/want to impress/are hoping gives you a raise or a kidney or their heart is just too much. Luckily, we're here to help:

Why not pick up (this remarkably convincing look-alike) Lady Gaga's new Christmas album?:

No? Well what about heading out to the mall to get some gift portraits taken with one of these Sketchy Santas?

Still not convinced? Well, when all else fails it's always a good idea to hit up Out's 2009 Gift Guide.

And if you're looking for a Christmas soundtrack to inspire you further, check out our list of the 10 Gayest Christmas Songs.

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