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What's Poppin' with Genital-headed Ghostsharks?

Good morning; a species of shark with a retractable penis that "resembles a spiked club at the end of a stalk" protruding from its forehead has been discovered in the Pacific ocean. It's called the Eastern Pacific black ghostshark and it's not something you'd want to encounter in a dark alley -- or, for that matter, the dark depths of the super-deep ocean, where it's been kicking around for the past 400 million years.

This sexy beast actually belongs to a little-studied fish species spookily called "big black chimaeras," which are thought to be the oldest fish on the planet. Douglas Long, co-author of a recent study that identified them, likens exploring the deepest reaches of the sea to Christmas: "You don't know what you're going to get, but you know it's going to be great."

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