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What's Poppin' with Cross-Dressing Kittens?

A "genetically impossible" male tortoiseshell kitten is making headlines in Britain (or was last week anyway; we apologize for What's Poppin's unacceptable oversight). The 8-week-old kitten, named Eddie "after the cross-dressing comic Eddie Izzard because 'he is essentially a boy dressed in girls' clothing,' " was adopted by a vet in Harpenden after he was rescued along with his three tortoiseshell sisters.

"Male cats, like human beings, have only one X chromosome in their DNA meaning it is technically impossible for them to inherit different colours," the Daily Mail explains... which doesn't actually explain a whole lot, but suffice to say the chances of a male tortoiseshell being born are minute. "So far there are no signs of any gender confusion and he seems to be all there," his smitten new owner proclaims. Here's to a happy, hype-free life of sunspot-sleeping, tail-chasing and maybe a little Ani "I've got spots, I've got stripes, too" DiFranco-listening.

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