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Tim Gunn To The Rescue

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Long before Lady Gaga was dressing as a crime-fighter gone wrong, there were other fashionable pop stars and models making fashion headlines: superheroes. With the release of this month's Models Inc., a new series that brings the first model superhero, Millie Collins, into the 21st century, it's safe to say that models can do more than just make love to the camera. The first issue has everything one would want in a fashion comic book: glamorous photo shoots in Central Park, a lesbian supermodel sidekick, and a gay photographer to dream about long after you've closed the issue.

The best part of Models Inc. is the bonus second story starring no other than Tim Gunn himself entitled "Loaded Gunn." Gunn, a fan of comics since childhood, was honored when asked by Marvel if he would like to star in a stand-alone story in their new fashion comic book. When a museum exhibit of superhero fashion through ages is attacked by a group of terrorists out to steal the various suits and uniforms from comic's most famous heroes, it is up to Gunn (with a little help from Iron Man) to save the day. With his classic phrases such as "Gather 'round, everyone" and the likeness of a Tim Gunn action figure, this is a fun story for Project Runway and comic fans alike.

From X-Men teammate, Dazzler, who had a career as a disco pop princess, to Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, fashion has always made its way onto the paneled pages of everyone's favorite comics. Even if the title characters' outfits left you wondering if they dressed in the dark (you readin' this, Wolverine?) it was always nice to see the sidekicks and supporting characters sporting a little more fashion sense than the web-slingers in the spotlight. The second installment of Models Inc. hits stands next month, and though the following issues won't include a Tim Gunn story, the central mystery is enough to keep fans coming back for more because when the wrongfully accused Millie tries to be a detective in her Dolce, she gets in way over her head and it's up to her fellow catwalk crime-fighters to save the day.


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