Supreme Court Weighs in on Janet Jackson's Boob

Supreme Court Weighs in on Janet Jackson's Boob

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Nothing shouts "2004" like the phrase "wardrobe malfunction," but would you believe that, more than five years after the most memorable Super Bowl of our time, Janet Jackson's accidental breast exposure is still a hot topic in the federal court system? Just today, the Supreme Court overturned a federal appeals court ruling that favored CBS in its ongoing battle with the FCC -- which is still trying to collect a fine of $550,000 for the 9/16ths of one second in which Jackson's nipple was forever seared into the national psyche. Granted, those are 9/16ths of one second (and our collective dignity) we'll never have back, but at this point, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's probably all "I went to law school for this?!"


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