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Tori Amos is Abnormally Attracted To Sin

Photo: Shaggy

In what comes in as our second story of the day about abysmally titled works of "art," a different high priestess of the ivory keys is returning to the record shelves this spring with a new album entitled Abnormally Attracted To Sin. Even though the title is a reference to the musical Guys and Dolls (Amos told us in an interview last summer she's been ODing on Broadway since starting to pen her first musical, The Light Princess), we still have to say we're none too pleased. What happened to the Tori of yore who didn't need to spell everything out? Who was so deeply entrenched in metaphor and symbolism that 96 percent of the time we had NO CLUE what the hoo-ha she was even talking about -- and we LOVED it?

La Amos will debut songs from the new album (which -- in another "stop with the frickin' concepts for five seconds" moment will be accompanied by documentary style "visualettes," [her word -- NOT ours] or little movies, shot over the past year) at the SXSW festival on March 19 along with rapper Lil Jon (again -- we couldn't make this stuff up if we tried!).

One thing that was totally bogus -- and this pleases us to no end -- was a fake cover for the new Amos album created by a friend of Popnography, Shaggy. Somehow Perez Hilton got a hold of the horribly photoshopped joke image (above) -- we aren't quite sure how, a la Flickr? -- and posted it as the legit artwork! Ridic. We're still hoping against hope that the album is even marginally worth listening to -- but we're not holding our breaths. If the old pre-2005 tori is out there, somewhere, come home! We miss you.


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