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Perez Hilton's red carpet joyride

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Want to be famous? Well, Perez Hilton's new book, Red Carpet Suicide, reveals how you, too, can become Hollywood boldface by applying his easy to follow advice.

Born Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. in Miami, Florida, the Cuban-American celebrity blogger says luring over 9 million people a day to his entertaining and acerbic website isn't as easy as it looks (he goes to bed at 10pm, and wakes up each morning at 4am). "I work really hard," he confirms. "But anything is possible when you work hard and focus."

In fact, many would argue that Perez is now more famous than his namesake, Paris Hilton. So who is the real Perez Hilton? We caught up with the gossip guru to try and find out:

OUT: Rumor has it you're dating Tom Cruise! Is that true? Enquiring minds want to know...
Perez Hilton: That's not true! Currently, I am dating an actor. He's somewhat well known, but I don't want to talk about it. [Joking] I will say his initials are ZE.

Let me guess -- you guys cuddle up each night watching High School Musical together! [Laughs] I hope you're both very happy together.
[Laughs] Thanks! We are!

Speaking of celebrities, who is the sexiest man in boldface culture these days, and who is the most stylish woman?
Sexiest celebrity is David Beckham because he's a real man. And the most stylish woman is the fierce Dita Von Teese, obviously.

How do you unwind?
I make sure I get a massage three times a month, and a facial every four weeks.

What kind of facial? [Laughs] Why did you decide to lose weight?
Because I hadn't been laid since 2007!

Well, that's a silly reason! [Laughs] You're a fearless and sometimes controversial gay activist. Did you always know you were gay?
I always knew from a very young age. I had very vivid memories of Marky Mark from his Calvin Klein underwear campaign when I was a young teenager. I was like, "Oh, gosh....!" [Giggles] I came out in my freshman year at New York University. This classmate of mine had said, "You're gay!" I responded, "No, I'm not," and started crying. Then, I admitted, "Okay, I am!" I was studying acting, so it wasn't a big deal because everyone in my program was gay!

Your parents are Cuban -- did they have any issues with your sexuality?
It took them a while for them to accept it. Now my mother prays for me to meet someone! But my family is very happy and proud of me.

As is Paris Hilton, no doubt!

Red Carpet Suicide is available in stores and from online retailers.


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