Out's Red-Hot Player of the Day: Ryan

Out's Red-Hot Player of the Day: Ryan

Time for another batch of exclusive behind-the-scenes model shots from Out's August baseball inspired fashion story "The Pickup Game," shot by Stewart Shining. The full story is waiting patiently in your favorite local magazine or book store to be scooped up and brought home, but if you need to peruse it immediately -- and we totally understand if that's the case -- you can find it in its entirety at Out.com.

But now, back to today's outtakes featuring Ryan:

...Pre-game posing.

...Taking a break from the action.

...Trickin' on the sidelines.

...Becoming one with the sandlot.

...How dirty boys look clean.

Photos: Brent Coover

If you need more Ryan -- and chances are you do -- you can find another exclusive shot and whether he prefers boxers, briefs, or going commando at Out.com's Model Citizen. And of course, we'll be featuring another model from August's "The Pickup Game" shoot here tomorrow, so if you know what's good for you, you'll make it a priority to check back in with us then.

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