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Q: I want to wear something festive for this weekend’s Gay Pride parade. How can I show some pride without looking tacky?

A: You
can always spot a newly-out gay boy because more often than not, he’s
sporting some rainbow-themed necklace or bracelet that he picked up in
a kitschy Castro boutique. When you’re a fledgling gay, you want to
announce it to the world -- we get it! Luckily, that period is usually
short lived. But the annual Gay Pride festivities are a time for you to
get back in touch with that young and earnest homo and show the world
just how fabulous you truly are!

So, for this one weekend, consider it your privilege to break out the
rainbow-themed accessories. But, please, do it stylishly. Coco Chanel
once said to remove one piece of jewelry right before you leave the
house, and her sagely advice remains one of the holy tenants of proper

Keep rainbows limited to your accessories to play it safe. My favorite
way to sport our queer banner is to wear a stylish rainbow-striped
ribbon belt. Pair one with a solid polo shirt and shorts. A black
and/or white ensemble will give the rainbow touch some extra pop, but
feel free to mix it up with some other bold fruit-flavored hues.

If rainbows aren’t your thing, consider interpreting the rainbow in a
different way by embracing the season’s saturated jewel tones. Instead
of the old basic black outfit, turn it out with an outfit that pairs a
few different bright hues. For instance, pair one of Lacoste’s iconic
polos that come in countless colors with a pair of Ralph Lauren’s
made-for-Nantucket shorts, or even a pair of multi-color high tops from
Nike or Diesel. Consider it a more mature way to advertise than wearing
some pride rings.

In all seriousness, don’t worry too much about being too over-the-top
with the rainbows—especially if you're marching IN the parade. Chances are if you’re going to a parade, you’ll be
in great Skittle-hued company. And hopefully you won’t be wearing your
clothes for too long anyway. They’ll just end up in a pile on someone
else’s floor.

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