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15-year old Greenwich village musician Hayes Peebles (hehe, Peebles) has recently become the apple of Hedi Slimane's eye, who shot him recently for V Magazine.  We dare say Slimane can do no wrong, but let's hope this crush doesn't extend beyond the boys musical talent. [The Cut]

At her womenswear presentation last night, Elise Øverland hinted that she might make a foray into menswear.  A support petition is being drafted as we speak. [Fashionista]

Having been scoffed at for using moisturizers and anti-aging creams since the tender age of 14, I know turn those scoffs in your direction, skeptical naysayers.  Studies now prove that all that cream actually works!  No wonder I can still bag those college boys. [Cosmetic Designs]

Naomi Campbell was charged with assault for her little tiff at Heathrow airport.  She could face up to 6 months in jail and $10,000 in fines.  Something tells me she would do pretty well in a prison fight. [The Cut via WWD]

Though I wouldn't say this is an issue for most readers of this blog, but, would you carry a woman's purse if it had just the right amount of masculine appeal? [Fashionista]

Leave it to always-saavy France to have the first magazine that fuses fashion with video games.  Will this finally convince my avid-gamer brother to buy a shirt that actually fits him, or just a decent pair of pants?  Honestly...  [Towleroad]


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