McDonalds Makeover! Kanye West Raps for Casio! Sean Avery, the Intern! A&F Mania!

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McDonalds employees in the UK got brand new uniforms with a pattern that looks a lot like Louis Vuitton's fleur pattern. I'm not sure what's stranger, that McDonalds employees will wear suits or the fact that they have a "front of house" staff? [Telgraph]

Kanye West is the only person who can perform at a Louis Vuitton party and then a Casio watch party without any sense of irony—or shame. The Casio party is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their G-Shock Watch. [WWD]

New York Rangers hockey jock Sean Avery will intern at Vogue this summer. Apparently, he wants to be a fashion editor after his hockey career ends and he doesn't have any teeth left. He'll be eating a slice of humble pie while making copies, messengering gowns and fetching coffee as an unpaid intern. But, unlike other interns, he made nearly $2 million playing with sticks on ice. I wouldn't mind being locked in a fashion closet with him. [WWD]

Abercrombie & Fitch's softcore porn magalog is back—in Europe! Queerty has some snapshots for your viewing pleasure.  [Queerty]

Does Barack Obama love Abercrombie or is he just trying to woo homos and frat boys by filling his audience with folks wearing A&F apparel? Sounds like a fashion conspiracy! [Queerty]

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