Henry Holland Loves Beth Ditto; What's in Your Man Bag?; Jason Preston Sets the Record Straight; Hot Boys in Underwear; Bloggers Get Respect; Lagerfeld Orders a Beat Down;



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Jason Preston, Marc Jacobs' on-again-off-again-boyfriend, likes to set the record straight when gossip blogs screw up the facts. After a Gawker tipster described a sighting of Preston carrying "loads of heavy shit" and wearing "combat boots," Gawker reports that Preston left a voicemail describing his outfit in detail to clear up any notions that he carries his own luggage or wears common combat boots. Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs was spotted in L.A. with his new rebound boy toy. [Gawker]

Hot boys in their underwear make silly faces for a camera. The videos will debut at a video installation at the Tribeca Grand. God, I love art. [Fashionista]

Bloggers are finally getting some much-needed respect in the fashion industry as designers are granting more access to shows and launch events. What a relief! Sneaking in to these fabulous events Mission: Impossible-style is getting more difficult as the bouncers get bigger and meaner. [WWD]

Now listen up! Henry Holland wants to collaborate with Beth Ditto from The Gossip. Yes, please! [British Vogue]

What's in your manbag? Four Londoners empty their bags and reveal that everyone is more stylish in the U.K. [Guardian UK]

Don't mess with Karl Lagerfeld while he's working! While snapping photos of Jay-Z for a new Fendi campaign, a sneaky member of the paparazzi quietly began taking some pictures of his own until Lagerfeld's bodyguards served him an ass beating. I imagine that Karl just snaps his . [Page Six]

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