Apple Announces That it Will Sell Air...Gadget Geeks Froth at Mouth

Photos: Courtesy of Apple

In the gadget world, size does matter, but like a runway model, slimmer is better! 

Apple daddy Steve Jobs announced the super-sleek MacBook Air—the anorexic slim MacBook that is only .76" thick at its widest point and an impossibly thin .16" at its narrowest. Also included is a 13.3" screen, 80gig hard drive, wifi, 2gig memory, 1.6ghz or 1.8ghz Intel Core2Duo processor The Air is the thinnest notebook available on the market and it can even slip into a large envelope for some James Bond-esque covert operations.

Apple has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and it seems that the next wave of laptops won't require a CD or DVD drive because we are quickly becoming a download-only culture—of course, you can buy an add-on external CD player if you need. Apple was one of the first—if not the first—to sell laptops without floppy disk drives. But the question remains: Without a CD drive, how would we get our next OSX upgrade?

MacBook Air, $1,799 and up,

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