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Queer Eye's Jai Rodriguez. Photo: Getty Images



Have you ever wanted to live in one of those far-too-perfect apartments shown in interior design magazines? Now you can! A handful of magazines have designed various apartments in New York City to reflect the style of the publication and will sell for $1.6 million. I wonder what an Out apartment would look like.  It sure wouldn't have that country kitsch look of Country Living. [WWD]


Chanel's design director, Jacques Helleu, passed away on friday at the age of 69. [British Vogue]

Jai Rodriguez (the guy from Queer Eye whose role I still don't understand. What the hell does he do?) will appear on E!'s Dr. 90210 tonight to get some work done on his lips. I'm not kidding. Hopefully, he won't end up looking like Amanda Lepore. [E!]

An eco-friendly dance club to open in NYC? Expect recycled tables, and energy-saving lights. Please don't let them be compact fluorescent bulbs—nobody looks good under fluorescent lighting. [WWD]

Hollywould wants to do men. The women's shoe brand plans to unleash a mens line on the world. Ballet flats for men? Oh no, she Hollyshouldn't. [NY Mag]

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