Pilati Stays at YSL; Tom Ford Doesn't Love France; Dior's New President; Oscar's Scandal Drags On; Becks to Design for Spice Girls?

Stefano Pilati will stay at Yves Saint Laurent for a few more years after signing his life away to the Gucci Group in a multi-year contract. Do you think they made him sign the contract in blood? [Fashion Week Daily]

Tom Ford throws down the gauntlet in the London Vs. Paris fashion debate. "In terms of French culture, if you think about what the French are producing in terms of fashion or architects or painters or musicians, they are quite far behind what the British are producing," he told the Independent. "When you think of Paris you think of Karl Lagerfeld who is not French. And you think of Marc Jacobs who's not French and Stefano Pilati who's Italian." He's got a point. Maybe we'll see a war of the fashion houses! Burberry vs. Dior in a well-dressed smackdown. [Jezebel]

Dior names a new president. Like you knew the name of the previous president. [Fashion Week Daily]

Oscar de la Hoya admits to knowing the woman who is selling the "fake" drag photos to the tabloid media and aims to put the legal hurt on her. But the plot thickens. Radar dresses up as Nancy Drew and investigates! [Radar]

David Beckham is designing the stage costumes for the Spice Girls Reunion Tour? Say it ain't so! Who comes up with this crap? I guess the guy needs something to do since he was can't play with any balls except his own for the rest of the soccer season. [Vogue UK]

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